錫膏&膠水生命周期管理系統 ISM-300S


(1) Function Overview
ISM-300S is a solder paste life control system that solves the problems of storing, reheating, stirring, tracing, controlling, and scrapping solder paste materials in intelligent factories. The system consists of intelligent solder paste storage and reheating stirring equipment and Enexi paste life cycle management software.
In actual production, the system will intelligently interact with the work order, solder paste lifecycle management software, and intelligent solder paste storage and heating mixing equipment to achieve intelligent storage, intelligent heating, and intelligent mixing of solder paste. The entire process does not require manual intervention, all data is real-time transparent, and can be traced and queried at any time.
The intelligent solder paste storage and temperature return mixing device is equipped with an intelligent robotic arm, which can automatically transfer the solder paste from the refrigeration area to the temperature return area for temperature return. After the temperature return is completed, the solder paste will be automatically transferred to the solder paste mixing area for mixing. After mixing, the solder paste will be automatically sent to the outlet position. The solder paste lifecycle management software can accurately control the usage process of each can of solder paste/red glue, and can provide MySQL database format files, providing necessary data sources for the factory's MES, ERP, and WMS systems.

(二)設備照片/Equipment photos


規格參數(點擊下載)/Parameters (click to download)
錫膏&膠水生命周期管理系統 ISM-300S
ISM-300S Product parameters


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